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I am still waiting to hear from the University of Tampa’s MFA Program in Creative Writing. I hope to be accepted into their Fiction program as I am not a terribly big fan of poetry or Creative Nonfiction. Fiction seems, to me, to be the most artistic of the three choices and I can still work on other projects while working on my MFA.

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I am so thankful for the new writing group I joined a few weeks ago. We meet in Largo at the Starbucks on Walsingham Rd. The group is very eclectic and we all have our own unique styles. We work with two prompts per meeting and on consecutive weeks, we share our writing, other times, we work on things we are currently working on. The people are so great and I am thankful for their being there.

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   I have been rather down in the dumps lately. Following the death of my mother, my dad is rapidly following. Too bad that we never really bonded together, but following my coming out, he always resented my outspokenness. Dad is going through the last stage of Shakespeare’s beautiful monologue, “All the World’s a Stage” from As You Like It spoken by Jacques.

On a brighter note, I have started working on a new play and have decided to post some of my stories on this web site, so keep your eyes pealed for some new additions to the blog.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to make any comments on my work or the personal aspect of my blog.

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