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Despite a hellish experience this term at the University of Tampa, I am going back and repeating the third residency with a new mentor who I hope will appreciate my work, unlike the last mentor from Hell. I was so upset with the present mentor that I almost quit the program at the University of Tampa, but there were only two more residencies of work and then one where I get to do a lecture of some sort. It has been a difficult road these past two years, what with the death of both my parents, improving relations with my distant brother, and school. Great news though!!!

Last year, I wrote two screenplays which were then filmed as short films by two different directors. One film, Fixated has won several awards and the other, Absolution will be shown this year at the Suncoast Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am truly thankful for my friendships with James LaBudde and Anjani Pandey for choosing my scripts and making the films. I am grateful and humbled by this experience. Being a member in good standing with the Sunscreen Film Society, once I finish my MFA, I would like to be paired with a film director and make a film based on my poetry or stories. But that is a long way off right now. First I have to finish my essay for this term and then during my last term, I plan to finish my thesis of short stories. More later. Thanks for reading.

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